{life} 2015

It is the middle of march and it is currently 70 degrees out. This is one of the reason I love Kansas City, early, warm spring. I can sit outside on this beautiful sunny day and write.

I’m excited for 2015, I have goals and ambitions for this year. Sure we’re already 3 months in, but I have a good feeling about this year.  Last year was decent, but I want this year to be great.  By the end of 2014 I was feeling very lost and disconnected in my life.  Work was in a weird place, I was still trying to get use to Timmy’s crazy restaurant work schedule, holiday plans had to be changed, and a big thing was that we weren’t pregnant yet. I felt unfulfilled and negative towards everything.

IMG_4583   IMG_4523


At the start of 2015, work finally took a {good} turn and I got a new sense of direction and felt much more appreciated and settled in my career. I finally feel as though I’m in the role{s} I’m supposed to be in and was given new and more defined responsibilities. I no longer felt unappreciated and overlooked. With that also came a pay raise, which always helps in motivating one to strive and do better.    Timmy’s schedule is still a little crazy, but I’ve learned how to deal with my time and accept the change. Plus it helps me appreciate the time we do have together and take advantage of our days off and do more with them.  Although we are still not pregnant, and of course it is still hard to deal with, I feel much more at peace about it and learning to be fine with our situation and not let it  make be a jealous crazy person, {which is not always an easy thing}.  Each month is hard and the constant in your face social media of friends and family is not always easy to deal with, but I know I’m not the only one out there that didn’t get pregnant right away, and there are others that have much harder situations. It plainly sucks, but all I have to go on is trust, so that’s all I can do.

IMG_4852   IMG_4837


So, this is 2015, the year I want to makes plans and stick with them. Fill my time productively and intentionally. We will tackle those house projects that need to be done, that we’ve been talking about for a year now. We are finally in a better position to make those happen, now its just getting it done.  I want this year to involved travel, I want to see some places and take some adventures. I want this year to have some impact for good. I’ll look for a places and people to serve and to give generously.

2015, let’s be good to each other.


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