Happy Spring!

Wow, every year I’m surprised by how long winter feels.  This was no exception.  The last few weeks have been great and I think it is a combination of seeing the sunshine more lately and starting to practice yoga more consistently.  Slowing down is such a need for me.  The more I take the time to just be, I realize it is a necessity… No, not that I need to go to a yoga studio necessity but a time to clear my mind and focus on things that matter.  Last year was my year of ‘NO’.  I had a break from photography jobs.  I only did what was necessary and what I really wanted for my family.  It was SOOOO fantastic.  I can’t even emphasize it enough.  This year, I took on a few positions volunteering.  I also committed to working through wedding season.  So I got it in my head that this year I was going to say ‘Yes’ whenever I could and see how that felt.  Carpe Diem!   I only live once so let’s do all we can!

…… You know what happened?!  Saying ‘Yes’ means you get asked a lot more…. means your time gets spoken for if you aren’t careful.  I found myself considering things I NEVER would consider just to not hurt someone’s feelings and thinking, ‘Well, maybe I would like it….”  It is only March and I’m feeling burnt out and was frustrated by feeling like I was living through motions but not really there.  I talk to these parents that live this way all the time and I just don’t get it.  Why?  Why live in this fast paced, do all I can with every second of my life planned out?  I’ve come to the decision that my previous year of ‘No’ was much more suitable for me.  I felt present in my life and for my kids.  I thought maybe I was missing something because it seemed like I was the only one not complaining… ha ha.  Funny thought, but yes, I thought that.  Like maybe I need to be doing more too because my kids are only in one sport at a time and I eat dinner at home.  The good things about minds is that they can be changed.  This year of ‘Yes’ lasted 2 months and I have to say I’m quitting!  I’m a quitter of doing this insane dance while juggling and smiling and doing flips with coffee in my hand.

Happy Spring.  A time for renewal.  I just have to say that if you are in a mode of YES and feeling overwhelmed or not even overwhelmed but just not present…. Do yourself a favor and say NO sometimes.  Just be.  I promise you will feel better and renewed.  We don’t do this enough because the status quo is to be busy.  Never enough time.  Well, you only live once and I say you should be there for it.

IMG_1012 copy

The other day while driving down the mucky dirt road, I saw this goose walking across the still frozen pond. There were about 20 all together in a huddle on a different side, but this loner had his own idea. I’m not sure what this goose was doing and I watched him a while. I don’t have any spring-y photos but this one seemed applicable. I feel you adventurous Mr. Goose.


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