The beginning of the week I took a short trip to Chicago with my office for a conference.  I very much enjoy “business” trips. I think its fun to get away for a couple of days and even though its for work, its nice to be outside of the office on occasion.  Plus who doesn’t like Chicago??  Although, we left Kansas City’s 70+ degree weather and spent 2 days in the freezing, windy cold of Chicago, that was not fun.  I even had to pack my winter coat! It was quite the shift from the spring weather we’ve had for the last couple of weeks.

Since we spent most of our time in conferences, we didn’t get to see a lot of the city (plus it was freezing!) so I only snapped a few pictures.

IMG_4951 IMG_4950

 We stayed at The Westin on Michigan Ave


My coworkers – enjoying a glass of wine before dinner

IMG_4929 IMG_4924 IMG_4930

So. Much. Food. I felt as though all we did we eat on this trip.

Left: Bacon appetizer. yes, those are slices of bacon. And it was an appetizer before eating steak.

Center: More wine!

Right: That is a SINGLE piece of cake my co-worker ordered. Don’t worry, it was shared by about 6 people.


A little bit of sight-seeing – Hancock Building


After dinner jazz club outings. This is at Pops for Champagne! My boss is a huge jazz fan so we went out each night to a jazz club.

IMG_4952I came across this amazing display of vintage sewing machines.  I didn’t pay attention to what building it was on, but absolutely love it.

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