{diy} Watercolor Shoes // Sharpie Alcohol Project

My oldest had a half day of school and we wanted to take advantage of a few hours of Mom/Daughter time without the other kids around.  Last time we went shopping and out to lunch.  The time before that was the art museum and makeovers at the makeup counter.  This time we wanted to do an art project.  So we sat down this morning and looked through my DIY Pinterest boards and she picked Sharpie alcohol watercolor projects.  When I mentioned we could do it on shoes, she lit up and said “Let’s do it!”.

This project was very simple.  I picked up a pair of cheap white sneakers, rubbing alcohol, and a few colored Sharpies and was ready when I picked her up from school.

The steps are so easy!  Take out laces of shoes.  Draw some designs (do smallish areas at a time).  Squirt straight rubbing alcohol on the design to let the color run using a squirt bottle, dropper, or paint brush.  We used all three methods on these.  Let dry.  You can redo a section to layer on the colors after the alcohol has dried.  It dries fairly quickly.  This project took an hour and then the dry time.

SUPER fun functional art!  I can’t wait to try some watercolor pillows next!

diy watercolor shoes Supplies.  Canvas shoes.  Sharpies.  Rubbing alcohol.  Spray bottle.

IMG_1126 copyDraw designs.

IMG_1129 copyUse dropper, spray bottle, or paint brush with rubbing alcohol to spread out the ink.

IMG_1130 copy

IMG_1132 copy

IMG_1134 copy

IMG_1136 copy

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