I have come to realize that I am a bit of a lazy person. And I have finally come to a place where I know i need to make some serious changes.  I get caught up in excuses of being unmotivated or telling myself I deserve to have a lazy Saturday and the go to of “I don’t have enough time”…. when in reality all of those things are lies I tell myself. Yes, I think an occasional lazy Saturday is needed for rest and revival, and I am fully in support of binge watching TV shows or staying in your PJs and sitting around the living room until noon on the one Saturday a month that your husband actually has off. But that has become my norm, not the exception.

So I am giving myself some challenges… and I figured if I put it out in the universe of this blog, then it will help me keep these goals. I figure if I’m already like this and haven’t even brought kids into my life then I’m in real trouble!

1. Read – I’ve always struggled with keeping a daily time with God. It’s something that I know I NEED in my life but it always takes the back burner, its the first thing I skip when I don’t feel like i have time, but really, i can take 10 minutes to look through Facebook that I just looked at less than 12 hours ago, but I can open my Bible??  I learned of a blog/daily reading site out there called SheReadTruth and it is exceptional.  I’ve only been reading it for about a week, but its a group of women that share scripture and a short blog post. It’s been a great way to start my morning, even if its less than 10 minutes. I need to make this a priority in my life.


2. Exercise – Ok this is a big one for me.  I hate working out…. I love the idea of working out and wish I was one of those people that LOVED to work out, but I just don’t, I never have… I will get started on a workout and do it for a week or so and then quit. I’ve never joined a gym because I’m always fearful that I would pay all this money and never go… So I’m challenging myself to workout at least 3 days a week for the month of April. I’m using some DVDs I got from the library and I’m also going to add in some yoga as well.  If I make it through that I will consider joining a gym or taking up some yoga classes. Or better yet I’ll buy myself some new workout clothes, now that will get me motivated!

3. House – I love our house, we’ve been in our house for almost 2 years and I have yet to do a lot to it.  It looks great and there wan’t a lot of work that had to go into it. But I still haven’t hung anything on the walls or painted any of the rooms that I’ve wanted to paint.  We’ve worked on the bathroom (but we were a bit forced into that because the floor had rotted out!) But even that project has not been completely finished yet.  So this year I want to get some stuff done. Turn this house into our home, make it cozy and warm.  I think the way to do this is to start small. work on one room, or one corner and just get started.

I found this quote on Pinterest, which sums it up pretty well.


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