10 Easy Mood Boosters.

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I’m not particularly ‘moody’, per say.  I’m human.  I have moods.  Most times my negative moods are brought on by being cold or hungry.  Too much noise can get to me.  Those things can be remedied easily but sometimes I just need a little more to get out of a funk.  I can get deficient in my motivation to do anything useful because of those negative moods.  Yesterday I was angry for a good part of the day because someone did something to hurt someone I care about and it permeated my thoughts causing me to be distracted and a little lacking in my ability to accomplish things.  Right now I’m actually cold and eating leftover stir-fry while trying to get motivated to finish painting my bathroom.  I was thinking about the ways that I usually get out of an unfavorable mood, some of which I did or will do today even!

1.  Open the shades and let some sunshine in.  Nothing can keep me in an unmotivated cocoon like living in a dark cave.

2.  Put on music.  Music is a serious cure!  Dinner time prep chaos turns to joy when my husband puts on a little Miles Davis.  Dance parties are always welcome and can make cleaning into quite a sexy chore as I’m dropping it low with the toilet scrubber.  Ha, yeah…  Just unless you need to wallow, avoid Elliott Smith or the like if you need a boost.

3.  Treat yo self!  It doesn’t need to be extravagant but sometimes a little splurge of a nap, a shower and prettying your nails up, spending a little extra on a favorite treat (I will sometimes buy a new Fair Trade chocolate to try.), 30 minutes of anything just for yourself can do wonders.  This week I bought a book and then read it!  It may be funny to some but yes, that is a privilege to me.  If you have not seen Parks and Rec, here you go. 😀  This show is hilarious.

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4.  Clean or organize one area.  Sometimes just choosing one area and having it fresh and organized can improve a mood.  Clean car to climb into….boom!  Happy!  That pile of mail on the counter organized….boom.  This is really good to get motivated to continue on cleaning if you don’t feel like it.  Commit to 10 minutes of cleaning something and usually the accomplishment spurs itself into more cleaning.  For me, clutter free living means less clutter in my mind.

5.  Flowers or plants.  Picking some flowers or buying a bouquet/plant and bringing it into your living space can bring you closer to nature and improve a mood.

6.  Get some exercise!  Those endorphins really help to kick a mood to the curb.  Combine getting your body moving with some music to really get it gone!  I noticed a big difference when I can relieve stress by running after a long day.  My entire evening was more energetic and the following day goes better with less stress being held in.

7.  Write it out.  Blogging or writing in a journal helps.  Whether it is a list of things to accomplish so it gets it out of my brain or just thoughts that are organized into words.

8.  Aromatherapy.  A candle burning or putting a little essential oil in a diffuser or on your skin can do wonders.  One of the reasons I love bookstores so much is the feeling I get from smelling coffee and paper books when I walk in… it is relaxation in scented form.  Lavender oil or eucalyptus is fantastic as well.

9.  Be Quiet.  Meditating, praying, or just being still and clearing your mind can be so renewing for your spirit.  To be honest, sometimes I have to do the above things to get me to a place where I can be quiet but I notice a huge improvement when I take time to just be quiet.

10.  Get Outside! Getting outdoors with some fresh air can do wonders.  Take a walk.  Sit on your porch.  I will sometimes just sit on my porch to write out my grocery list.  I have to do it anyway and being outside can be calming.



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