A little organization.

When we redid our bathroom recently we put in a pedestal sink, which I LOVE but it eliminated any under the sink storage.  We have this big cabinet above the toilet which now has to hold  everything. The  small mirror medicine cabinet only holds the few everyday essentials so I have to store most of our stuff in the cabinet. Over time it has become SO disorganize,  it was time for an major overhaul.  


I had picked up some bins here and there and just found these cute wood and wire baskets at this home decor store in Des Moines but I still needed some other things to help me get organized. So I searched my house looking for things that weren’t being used that could be repurposed.  I ended up with a ceramic bowl, a box from a candle, and a cigar box (we found a bunch of these in our garage when we bought out house!),  I had a couple white plastic bins that weren’t very cute, so I used some scrap material and a glue gun and re-covered them, a pretty easy and cheap upgrade! 

bathroomcabinet2It’s amazing what a little clean up like this can do for a person. I feel so much better about getting ready in the morning when I can see everything and know where everything is.  I still don’t love the top shelf… I guess there will always be “that stuff” that has no place and not easy to hid… I will be on the look out for some closed bins that can maybe hid that stuff a little better, but for now I am happy!


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