Planting Personality//DIY Watercolor Planter


I’m trying to add more creative touches around the house. I get decision overload and can give up and have nothing as decor if I think too much. Blank space indeed. I want to feel inspired and happy in my home though–so a little effort and NOT overthinking it has to happen.

The downside to DIY is that not everything turns out as planned. These planters for example were going to be gold leafed. This did not happen as I didn’t get the correct adhesive and the leafing didn’t transfer. Boo! But I’m impatient and wanted to play with these now while my kids were painting so I came up with something and ran with it.

For the swan: I had never watercolor painted on a painted surface before so I wasn’t sure it would turn out but it did. The trick was to make sure the watercolor wasn’t too wet. I drew a design in pencil then outlined in Sharpie. Then went at it with the watercolor. A good thing I found while using the watercolor on the painted surface is that if you change your mind quickly, a bit of water and a paper towel will wipe off the color and you can start again. Very nice when there is room for mistakes. The sleepy face was easy as well. It was drawn as pencil and then painted with a fine brush with a bit of acrylic paint.  The pot was painted with a flat acrylic paint and left to dry before starting on the fun details.

IMG_1277 IMG_1279

I also played around with some dark teal and gold paint for a planter to go in my Master Bath.

IMG_1298It looks rather messy I guess but when looking at it NOT through a macro lens, it looks nice.


IMG_1301And my cat that won’t leave me alone while I try to take photos.  He was literally knocking me over while taking photos.  Pets!


{home} Master Closet, Deep Cleaning.

I’ve been really wanting to deep clean our master closet for quite awhile now. We’ve gone through some of Dave’s clothes somewhat recently, but it wasn’t the deep clean I felt we needed. I hadn’t really sorted through my stuff since before we moved here. (yikes!) Yesterday we decided to take everything out and start sorting and purging. It was great to see the space pretty much empty, dust shelves and vacuum the floor. The previous owners had installed shelves for shoes behind the door – which I had been using for some shoes, but they were so close together my heels couldn’t stand upright, so Dave moved them for me to be able to utilize them better. (I do like my heels!)

It was a proud moment for me – I decided against keeping quite a few items, shirts especially, that I had been hanging onto. Some that I remember spending a little bit of money on or were from a special occasion. But I knew they were not my style any longer or didn’t fit right and they were just  taking up space. Luckily, some will fit my 13 year old. Yay for sharing!

I packed up winter scarves, as I am over winter and don’t care that it’s probably going to be cold again (like this morning, brrrrr) and will donate purses that I never use. We moved a shoe cubby to behind the door to give the closet more open space. I think it looks much better. We also thought keeping our laundry basket in our actual room might encourage us to do laundry more often… time will tell.

We did get sidetracked and didn’t completely finish yesterday because of some kid drama, and has a parent that always comes first. I still need to sort through shoes, Dave’s athletic items and tote bags (I have many…) and my dresser could use a clean out as well. I’ll add some photos to this post once it’s done!! Felt so great to get started and I’m looking forward to finishing up tonight. Great start to some spring cleaning! Now if the weather would just cooperate so I can open some windows…