{DIY} Crochet Floor Pouf

Knitting and crocheting are usually winter activities for me, but after the weather turned warm I was still in the mood for some yarn crafts. I’ve always wanted to get a floor pouf/pillow for our living room and thought I would try to make my own!

I used the pattern from here, but slightly altered it.  I’ve never put together my own crochet pattern, so I’ll do my best to describe what changes I made. 


  • Size 13 (9mm) crochet hook
  • 9 skeins of super bulky yarn – I used 8 skeins of white and 1 grey of Red Heart’s Grande Yarn.
  • 5 bags of shredded foam
  • Fabric for insert in a coordinating color
  • Needle & thread

I followed the pattern to row 9 and then stopped increasing and did 14 rows then began to decrease. Once I got to a few rows into decreasing I stopped and made my insert out of muslin fabric. You can really use anything that you have that matches in color to your yarn, since you can slightly see the fabric you want to be sure to use a similar color. Cut two circles the circumference of your pouf and then measure the height of it and cut a rectangle piece and sew the side together to create a cylinder and then sew one circle around.  Take the second circle and sew about 3/4th of the way around leave room to stuff it.


Insert your muslin pouch into the pouf and begin filling with stuffing or foam. I bought shredded foam from Jo-Ann Fabrics, I ended up using 5 bags.  It will make  HUGE mess, just an FYI 🙂

After you have all your stuffing in, sew up the opening in the muslin,  it will be bulky so I hand sewed it closed, don’t worry about it being super neat since it will be inside the pouf but make sure its fairly tight so you don’t lose your stuffing over time.


Finally, continue crocheting around to close up the circle. Once I to the end and couldn’t decrease any more, I still had a bit of a wide hole in the center, I did 2 rows of single crochet stitches so that there was just a small hole in the center, weave in your ends and you’re done ! All you have to do now is put your feet up and relax!


Also, if you have a cat they will love this pouf. This is where Denison spends most of his evenings. 


A little organization.

When we redid our bathroom recently we put in a pedestal sink, which I LOVE but it eliminated any under the sink storage.  We have this big cabinet above the toilet which now has to hold  everything. The  small mirror medicine cabinet only holds the few everyday essentials so I have to store most of our stuff in the cabinet. Over time it has become SO disorganize,  it was time for an major overhaul.  


I had picked up some bins here and there and just found these cute wood and wire baskets at this home decor store in Des Moines but I still needed some other things to help me get organized. So I searched my house looking for things that weren’t being used that could be repurposed.  I ended up with a ceramic bowl, a box from a candle, and a cigar box (we found a bunch of these in our garage when we bought out house!),  I had a couple white plastic bins that weren’t very cute, so I used some scrap material and a glue gun and re-covered them, a pretty easy and cheap upgrade! 

bathroomcabinet2It’s amazing what a little clean up like this can do for a person. I feel so much better about getting ready in the morning when I can see everything and know where everything is.  I still don’t love the top shelf… I guess there will always be “that stuff” that has no place and not easy to hid… I will be on the look out for some closed bins that can maybe hid that stuff a little better, but for now I am happy!


Planting Personality//DIY Watercolor Planter


I’m trying to add more creative touches around the house. I get decision overload and can give up and have nothing as decor if I think too much. Blank space indeed. I want to feel inspired and happy in my home though–so a little effort and NOT overthinking it has to happen.

The downside to DIY is that not everything turns out as planned. These planters for example were going to be gold leafed. This did not happen as I didn’t get the correct adhesive and the leafing didn’t transfer. Boo! But I’m impatient and wanted to play with these now while my kids were painting so I came up with something and ran with it.

For the swan: I had never watercolor painted on a painted surface before so I wasn’t sure it would turn out but it did. The trick was to make sure the watercolor wasn’t too wet. I drew a design in pencil then outlined in Sharpie. Then went at it with the watercolor. A good thing I found while using the watercolor on the painted surface is that if you change your mind quickly, a bit of water and a paper towel will wipe off the color and you can start again. Very nice when there is room for mistakes. The sleepy face was easy as well. It was drawn as pencil and then painted with a fine brush with a bit of acrylic paint.  The pot was painted with a flat acrylic paint and left to dry before starting on the fun details.

IMG_1277 IMG_1279

I also played around with some dark teal and gold paint for a planter to go in my Master Bath.

IMG_1298It looks rather messy I guess but when looking at it NOT through a macro lens, it looks nice.


IMG_1301And my cat that won’t leave me alone while I try to take photos.  He was literally knocking me over while taking photos.  Pets!


Just a Little Bit.

Hello Friends.  Spring means time to get organized and dust off the winter yuck and clutter.  I’m so looking forward to this!

Right before Christmas we had a little home repair emergency.  Our ceiling in the office started leaking water which turned out to be from a problem with the base pan in our upstairs tiled shower.  It is now the end of March and things are still not back to normal.  I have a new shower–Yay!  But the mess, things packed in boxes, and primer across walls in multiple rooms (and unfortunately some damage from the construction means my stairs and hallway now need to be repainted too), drives me bananas.  I keep making plans to get things accomplished–organized, cleaned, painted.  However, this is the crazy winter of sickness as well.  I don’t really get it as we have been living a healthier lifestyle than ever before and we seem to fight it off quickly but something new comes up constantly.  So, I currently have the flu.  The lovely Norovirus that attacked several families I’m close with the last few weeks.  My plans again have been derailed.  I need to plan a birthday party for my daughter–but the mess is still nagging my brain.

Before the flu got me, I decided that I can’t keep giving myself anxiety over the things that need to be done.  I also don’t have time to do full on cleans all day long and I’m going to have to adjust.  So I made a list of all the things I want to get done and I’m tackling a little bit at a time.  It feels fantastic to have just one little thing checked off!  Now, if you’ve been to my house, you may be thinking, “What mess?”  But below is an example.  I may have things straightened up but it is the clutter and mess like this–the little things that can add up.  You know, like the banister in It’s a Wonderful LIfe. 🙂

Image-1One thing that really needed to be cleaned up was my cleaning supply area.  I had bottles that were old and basically gone still taking up space in my little under the sink area making a pile of stuff fall at me every time I went to grab some fruit wash or dishwasher detergent.  I also have been making an effort to rid the house of toxins that I can avoid–so most of that stuff under there wasn’t necessary anymore either.  It took me a little longer than I thought because I decided to give it a quick paint to freshen it up. Other than the paint drying, it would have taken me a whole 20 minutes.  I used a little of the sample paint that I bought for repainting the kitchen and decided against… which was nice because it isn’t going to waste now.  Something so simple was a tiny victory in my list and on my mind.

So as you are looking around and feeling like it is so much to do.  Try making a list and choosing something small to start– get the 30 minute jobs out of the way and feel a little victory in your day.  It really is inspiring.

I came across this Spring Cleaning guide on Pinterest the other day and I plan to consult it to help with my somewhat A.D.D. brain when it comes to cleaning.  (You ever open the dishwasher to start putting away things, put away a dish, and then start cleaning the bathroom?  I do. I’m nuts.)  Also, something I hadn’t thought of was doing a 30 day cleaning challenge.  Breaking cleaning up into 30 days really seemed insane as usually once I’m motivated to do something, I want it all done… NOW.  But I’m coming around to the idea.  Little bit at a time like the little engine that could.  I’ll make it up the mountain–maybe slower than before but I’ll get there!

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