Inspire. Lately.

What’s inspiring me lately? Well let me show you…


1. I love this wood burned art.  I’ve seen this quote before and every time I read it, it inspires me. Timmy and I decided this year would be our summer of yes. Saying yes to things more often and taking advantage of opportunities.  When we are invited out to things, just say yes!  Source: here

2. First off, i hope to one day have an outdoor dinner party that looks like this. But in the meantime I want to spend time outdoors, with friends and enjoy life. Source: here


 3. I just plain love this watercolor. I’ve been keeping any eye out for some art pieces for our home. I really want to get a couple of great pieces that I know we will have in our house for a long time. Source: here

4. What a great idea to display pictures.  I love the idea of displaying old photos of our parents and grandparents around our house. This would be such a great way to do this. Source: here


4. Ain’t that the truth.  That’s something that this year is teaching me. Be my own best friend. I’ve mentioned before the transition we’ve had of getting used to Timmy’s new crazy work schedule and I’ve had to learn to spend some time with myself, and truthfully I’m ok with that.  I don’t mind evenings sitting out on the couch and watch stupid TV or Saturdays running around town. Just last week I ended up going to the movies by myself and it’s actually quite enjoyable. It’s not that weird! Source: here

5. This just a really cool entry way. We don’t have a great spot in house for something like this but maybe something like this for the bedroom would be cool. Source: here


Last week I mentioned some kid drama that distracted us from our closet cleaning. Our oldest is 13 and we’re going through a rough patch with her. Emotions can be high, and sometimes we just don’t “get” her and where her mindset is coming from. It’s emotionally draining and a bit frustrating. Seeing your child unhappy and struggling is like a knife to the heart. She and I have different personalities. And while I don’t want her to be a mini-me – she is her own person – our differences cause us to butt heads sometimes. She loves to post random quotes and sayings on her Instagram feed, sometimes they are negative and sometimes they are positive. Here are some quotes I recently stumbled upon, both from people/companies I follow on Instagram and some from Pinterest. I thought I would share, both to encourage myself and anyone else out there in need of some light on a dark day…